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Pregnancy Patient Handouts

Here you can find handouts to give to your patients and posters for your clinic. Note that these handouts are applicable to those who are consuming alcohol at any amount, and not exclusively for those with AUD.



Information and support poster series


These posters are intended to be printed and posted.  They provide a little bit of education on the harms of alcohol during pregnancy or lactation, along with a supportive, non-judgmental message to promote cutting down or stopping.  There’s also a list of helpful tips on ways to cut down.



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Understanding How Alcohol Affects Your Milk handout


This handout is for individuals who are pregnant or breastfeeding/chestfeeding and drinking occasionally. It explains how alcohol affects the milk supply and the infant and provides some tips to lower the risks to baby. Note that people with active AUD should not breastfeed/chestfeed.



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Calculator for Alcohol Clearance from Breastmilk / Chestmilk


Share this calculator with patients to help them determine how long they should wait after drinking before it’s same for them to breast or chest feed their child.

Alcohol and Milk Calculator

Alcohol and Fertility


This handout is for people who are trying to get pregnant. It provides a brief overview of how alcohol impacts fertility and tips.



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Safer Sleep for Infant


This handout is for new parents and caregivers to discourage bed-sharing if the parent has been drinking and to learn more about safer sleep practices.



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Circle of Support resource


This resource is for all the people in a community that care for a pregnant individual and gives practical tips for support that individual to cut down on their alcohol consumption.

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All of the information here is also available on a webpage that you can share with your patients: Pregnancy Resources